Judging a book by its cover…kinda

I’m a nerd. I really am. Ask me about sports and I’m pretty much clueless, but ask me about superheroes, comic books, video games, star trek, star wars, or anything else in that realm, and I’d be fairly knowledgable. Try and start a debate with me and I’d be pretty passionate. Try and tell me why these things are stupid and well, be prepared for the consequences. All in all, I am a nerd, and proud of it.
But…as with every other obsession, there are certain things, or certain games that, even if I’m a nerd, I still stay away from.
D&D or Dungeons and Dragons was definately one of those games. I mean when it comes to making fun of nerds, that game has always been a big bullseye, and I’ll be honest, there are good reasons. I mean of all nerdy things, it’s got a pretty bad reputation, and it could be argued that a lot of the negative images connected with being a nerd come from this game. Playing in your moms basement, dressing up in character, painting little miniature figurines, knowing spells by heart, obsessing over minor details, knowing a fictional character better than a real person, speaking in weird voices, all those things people make fun of? Probably came from this game. And really, with a reputation like that, who wouldn’t?
But today I’m surprised to find myself playing a game a couple of years ago, I probably wouldn’t be caught dead playing. But here I was today, playing a game of D&D, laughing, having fun, and most surprising, taking the game seriously.
I mean, it was fun! AND I actually want to play again! Who knew a game could require some critical thinking on the level this game requires? I don’t know how to explain it, but this game is fun. Being a nerd is awesome.

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